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GoFit Plans prides itself in its programmes to be bespoke, meaning that each programme created are tailor made to suit the needs of the client and the goals. We feel most of the programmes being available online are too “standardised” and computer generated, meaning that they are supposedly for everyone and guarantees the best results for everyone. GoFit Plans is here to inform you that that is incorrect. Each individual is unique, therefore a programme should be tailored for that individual. In writing an exercise programme, many factors such as; genetics, ability, experience, physical and mental stability, etc. must be taken into account to ensure the correct movements are implemented for the client to achieve┬áthe results they are aiming for, if not exceed. Therefore, each client receives a custom made training plan with full personal attention paid into it by the GoFit Plans conditioner assigned.

GoFit Plans is an online service based in the UK, but has spread to Australia and is seeking to go global, as far as the Internet takes us. Whilst it is online, our most important policy is our relationship with the clients, therefore personal emails we feel, is our best form of communication.

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