The Sport package provides a detailed programme that focuses on improving the physical attributes required for the particular sport the athlete competes in.  A bespoke GoFit Plans programme provides the necessary building tools for the athlete to develop a physical foundation to compete to their best of their ability, at amateur or elite level. We at GoFit Plans are aware that with sport, come injuries. Therefore, it is important that we are informed of any injuries, new or old, so we can tailor the programme to support the injury and prevent any further harm. We are also able to offer advice for injury management and rehabilitation.

GoFit Plans’ programme writers have playing experience in an array of sport.  They are also able to call upon academic knowledge gained from BSc degree attainment with strong backgrounds in Strength & Conditioning, Sport Nutrition & Drugs and Sport Performance.
There are numerous sub-packages within this sport package, which are listed below.

Please contact  inserting SPORT in the subject field and let us know which sub-package you are interested in.  Provide us with as much detail as you can on the form we ask you to complete so we can take all the necessary information and factors into account when creating your bespoke GoFit Plans programme.


Here at GoFit Plans, we have extensive experience in rugby and are able to provide specialised and personal exercise programmes for each playing position.  Each position is unique and has different physical requirements, thereby requiring a specific focus when training.  They are sectioned as follows:

Front Row

2nd Row

Back Row

Scrum half and Fly half


Wing + Full back

4 week programme: UK: £32.99 AUS: $68.90

12 week programme: UK: £95 AUS: $199.50

Rugby Club Bundle – all 6 sections – 4 week programme: UK: £185 AUS: $385

Rugby Club Bundle – all 6 sections – 12 week programme: UK: £560 AUS: $1,175


For a footballer, good endurance, strong core and fast, powerful legs are the key to success.  Weight or bulk is not the aim here.  Focus should be targeted on body weight movements and power, paying special attention to the lower body.  Find out how with a bespoke GoFit Plans programme designed for you.

4 weeks programme: UK: £32.99 AUS: $68.90

12 weeks programme: UK: £95 AUS: $199.50

Football Club Bundle – 4 weeks programme: UK: £185 AUS: $385

Team Sports 

GoFit Plans can also tailor programme for other team sports, including cricket, hockey, basketball and many others. Contact GoFit Plans now to see how we can help you and your team increase fitness, strength, power, speed and focus.

4 weeks programme: UK: £32.99 AUS: $68.90

12 weeks programme: UK: £95 AUS: $199.50

Team Sports Club Bundle – 4 weeks programme: UK: £185 AUS: $385

Further 10% off on Club Bundles on production of proof of league registration, or registration to the NGO (National Governing Body) of the sport.

Individual Sports

For athletes of individual sports, such as boxing, martial arts, athletics, cycling, running, GoFit Plans offer programmes designed to complement and improve the skills and movements which are paramount to enable increased performance for the individual.  Here at GoFit Plans, we specialize in the individual; the ability, the aim, the success.

4 weeks programme: UK: £37 AUS: $77

12 weeks programme: UK: £105 AUS: 220


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