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Welcome to GoFit Plans – individually designed exercise programmes to the suit the athlete’s personal needs and goals.

We tailor-make each programme to suit each client’s goals, abilities, available equipment and location.   These factors all play an important role in a client’s success.  GoFit Plans’ aim is to assist the client to succeed in implementing a bespoke exercise programme which works, maximising the individual’s potential , whatever the starting point, whatever the lifestyle.

Contact GoFit Plans now at enquiries@gofitplans.co.uk to see how we can help you.

We will email you a form to complete and return, asking you to indicate your area of interest:

Prescription, Sport, Health & Lifestyle and The Best YOU


As it sounds, this package is designed for a client who suffers from a physical and/or mental condition and is looking for an exercise programme to help relieve the severity of the condition and to improve their quality of life. For many conditions, exercise has proven to positively impact on an individual’s ability to manage their condition, improve independence and reduce symptoms, pain and discomfort.

Please click on the Prescription tab for a full list of conditions GoFit Plans can help with.


GoFit Plans are able to provide athletes partaking in a wide variety of sports, tailored support to increase performance in their chosen field.  Focus is given to exercise and movements designed to maximise potential at both amateur and elite level.  GoFit Plans can provide help on a team wide level also.  See our Sports page now for more information and help from GoFit Plans.

Health and Lifestyle

Bespoke programmes are not just for the “serious” sportsperson. We at GoFit Plans can tailor individual programmes for the beginner, regular or experienced “exerciser”.  GoFit Plans’ Health and Lifestyle section is aimed at clients looking to improve their lifestyle and health through exercise. Regular exercise, along with good nutrition, has proven to be most effective in improving quality of life, reducing depression and preventing the risk of illness, including cardiovascular disease.  Click on the Health and Lifestyle tab to see how GoFit Plans can design a programme to suit you, whatever your level of fitness, age or experience.

The Best YOU

For those fitness fanatics out there, GoFit Plans provide a series of progressive bespoke programmes, designed to help the dedicated client achieve their perfect body.  For the serious body image client, GoFit Plans have the tools to help you on that path to perfection.  Click on The Best YOU tab now to see how GoFit Plans can be your best training partner.